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Michelangelo at the AGO

Today we went to the AGO to see the Michelangelo exhibit before it closes.
I was completely surprised that there were sculptures by Rodin in the Michelangelo exhibit. And it turned out that I was more fascinated by the Rodin sculptures than the drawings by Michelangelo.

I loved reading about Michelangelo as a person though. He spent a lot of time perfecting his art and he drew every day. It takes a lot of work to become a master!
He had to do a lot of work that he didn't like and he also had to deal with impossible deadlines. Sadly, he had to give up projects that interested him.

Here are some of the drawings that I asked Mom to take pictures of:
Study of a Man's Face for the Sistine Chapel Ceiling
ca. 1509 - 1510

Man with Crested Helmet
ca. 1504

Studies for the Head of Leda
ca. 1530

ca. 1532 - 1533

And can you believe these are sketches!

Rodin was featured in the exhibit because Rodin was inspired by Michelangelo's works.
Here are the sculptures that I liked.
The Thinker

Study of Balzac

Two of the six Burghers of Calais

Two of the six Burghers of Calais


Here is a picture of me and Dad at the AGO. 

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