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This Season's First Nutcracker Performance!

Last night was my first Nutcracker Performance of the 2014-2015 season.
It was quite warm outside (about 4C) and the snow was starting to melt. For other performances there was quite a lot of snow outside so this was different.

Mom, Dad and I tried to take a picture outside but we're not good at taking selfies.
They told me they were going out for dinner at a Raw Vegan Restaurant. I definitely prefer performing!

I got to the Four Seasons Centre early and the chaperones were there. I changed into my ballet clothes and hung out in the Karen Kain Studio with the other kids. We chatted and we ate our snacks. There are screens backstage where we can watch what is going on on stage so we could watch the performance too.

My roles were in the second act. We put on our costumes... For the guard costume it was pants, shoes, spats, goatee and then our jackets and hats. It was really cool!
I looked just like my Uncle J when I had on my goatee!

We went on stage with our halberds to protect the Sugar Plum Fairy. We are like the Queen's Guards.

We have a quick costume change and we get to put on our big chef costumes. It's a more comedic role. We go out on stage trying to catch a chicken that keeps getting away. We run up and down stairs and then we run out with our utensils.

After that we proudly present our food and Misha and Marie have a food fight!
We clean up the food and then we're off stage for a while.

We come back on stage just before the Sugar Plum Fairy and Peter go into the huge faberge egg together and also for the curtain call. 

Guillaume Côté was our Peter for this performance. He hurt his knee and Keiichi Hirano finished out the performance. I really hope that Guillaume Côté recovers quickly! He is such an amazing dancer and he's also a musician.

Here is a picture of me when I was leaving the theatre. 
Mom and Dad actually watched the show!!!  They completely fooled me. It was such a nice surprise. 

They also gave me a Nutcracker. :-)

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