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Phantoms of the Organ at the Metropolitan United Church

Last night, Mom and I went to the "Phantoms of the Organ" Concert put on by Music at Metropolitan and Toronto Centre of the Royal Canadian College of Organists.

Final from Symphony VI by C.M. Widor
performed by Manuel Piazza

Petite Suite by Gerald Bales
performed by Saya Ojiri

Chaconne from Sonata III by Raymond Daveluy
performed by Stefani Bedin

Scherzo from Symphony 1 by Rachel Laurin
performed by Sarah Svendsen

Toccata and Fugue in D minor by J. S. Bach
performed by Thomas Fitches

Alles Was Du Bist by B. Nalle
Toccata from Suite Gothique by L. Boellmann
performed by John Tuttle

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by P. I. Tchaikovsky
performed by Patricia Wright

Allegro from Symphony VI by C. M. Widor
performed by Joshua Ehlebracht

They were all amazing!

Thomas Fitches and John Tuttle performed the Toccatas that we all know and love to hear around Halloween. They did not disappoint!

Sarah Svendsen played one of my favourite Scherzos - better than ever!

I especially loved the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.... If we weren't watching, you wouldn't know it wasn't an orchestra! She played the parts of the entire orchestra! She used the harp stop to get the sounds of the celeste... but her two hands and two feet played the entire thing!

And, Joshua Elbracht, he is so young! He's in grade 12!
He is a bonafide genius!

One of the things that made me happy was that there were so many people there to support the organists. It was a free concert but they accepted donations to help student organists and it was a full house!

After the concert, lots of kids got to check out the organ at the Met. It is the largest pipe organ in Canada. It has 5 manuals, 120 stops and over 8,000 pipes!

Here is a picture of me with Patricia Wright. I tried playing the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.

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