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First trip to the ER

When I got home from piano class today, I hurt my hand.
It bled a lot. We knew to put pressure on it to control the bleeding and Mom took me straight to the doctor. My doctor had already left for the day so we went to the Emergency room.
When we got in it said there would be about a 2 hour wait and there were 40 patients in the department.

When I first saw the doctor, Mom took this picture to send to Dad.
The doctor examined me and sent me for an X ray to make sure there was nothing left behind inside.

The X Ray came back fine and then the doctor numbed it, cleaned it, and closed a part of it with a steri-strip. She left a part of it open so that if it becomes infected it will be able to drain.
I also got a tetanus shot and a prescription for antibiotics.

I have to keep it dry for a few days and I need to rest it.
Of course, we need to watch it for signs of infection.

We got to the hospital at 1:18 pm and we were on our way back home at 4:14 pm. It didn't feel like a long wait because we ended up seeing the doctor a couple times, got X rays done and the nurse gave me a vaccine. I wish I didn't need it but I am thankful for the hospital  and the people who work there.

Edit: I just wanted to add that my Mom is really good at handling emergencies. She doesn't freak out at blood. She bandaged me up and even picked up my Immunization records before we left for the doctor. I didn't even see when she got them.  She told me stories about growing up in Jamaica and kept me calm and distracted.

Poor Dad saw the picture of the cut and didn't expect so much blood on the floor at home. We didn't even try to clean it up before we left.

I'm happy that Mom made me and Dad do a First Aid Course. Since that First Aid Course, we knew what to do when a guy on our subway car had an epileptic seizure, we helped our neighbour with a head wound while they waited for the ambulance and knew what to do when Dad got a burn.

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