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Pedals, Pipes and Pizza - March Break 2017

I had a wonderful afternoon today!
I went to the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church for "Pipes, Pedals and Pizza" put on by RCCO Toronto.
It was a special program during March Break where they introduce the organ to lots of kids.

It was -17C with windchill but I still managed to drag my Mom along with me.

Stephen Boda played Paul Halley's Outer Hebrides and an excerpt from Widor's Toccata.
He is just excellent.
He is the organist at the TEMC.

He also did a little talk where he explained all about stops, manuals and pedals.

It was a pretty large group so we split up into 3 smaller groups and we got to learn more about the different types of pipes from Thomas Fitches.

He talked about reeds, flues and string pipes and he also explained what the different parts of the pipes are called.

The spot where he is touching in this picture is called a "beard".

We all got to try out the spectacular 5 manual Casavant organ which has over 6000 pipes!
Here is a short video of me playing on the organ.

We also got to see where the pipes are installed in the church.
It was my first time getting to see the pipes like that!

I spliced together 2 short videos so you can have an idea of what it was like. The first part was taped by my Mom and the 2nd part I shot. This was in one of the rooms.

Thank you to Stephen Boda, Stephen from the RCCO, Thomas Fitches and everyone who made this day possible!
I loved it and had a wonderful time.
I hope to see you all again soon!

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