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Copyright? Schubert's Serenade

Mom taped me and my duet parter playing Serenade by Schubert. She uploaded it to youtube and put it as "unlisted" so she could email the link to my piano teacher to watch it. We started getting copyright notices right away!

Today we saw that there are notices claiming that it is "I HAVE NOTHING" from the 2 minute mark.

Here is a link to the unlisted video. Do you think it sounds like any song called "I HAVE NOTHING"?

By the way... We didn't like the recording so we didn't even use it!


Update on April 22, 2014
It looks like all of the copyright claims have been released. :-)


  1. These people may be scam artists trying to get your information. Be careful. BTW, the piece sounded great to me :)

    1. They want to put ads on the video to make money off of me.