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"The Travelling Cellist" at St. Lawrence Market

Dad and I went to see "The Travelling Cellist" early this morning at St. Lawrence Market. We got there early so we could get some British meat pies and gluten free things from the Farmers' Market before they sold out.

We were waiting for the cellist at the North Entrance where we thought it was supposed to be but it turned out it was at the West Entrance.

Joseph Johnson, the Principal Cellist of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra played Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio. I think it was noisier than the north entrance because of the ventilation system but we were still able to hear him.

When he was about to get started the cello wasn't stable enough.

So he had to improvise.

 But it still sounded beautiful!

For more information about "The Travelling Cellist" check this link from the Toronto Public Library's Keep Toronto Reading Festival. They will have performances up until April 7th in different parts of Toronto.

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