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"The Travelling Cellist" at Harbord Bakery

Today Mom and I went to see "The Travelling Cellist" perform at Harbord Bakery.

A cellist from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra is performing Albinoni's Adagio each day from March 17 - April 7 for a total of 22 days at different locations in Toronto. It's a part of the Toronto Public Library's Keep Toronto Reading Festival.

In the book The Cellist of Sarajevo a cellist plays this piece every day for 22 days to remember 22 people who died while waiting in line for bread.

Today Joseph Johnson, the Principal Cellist of the TSO performed at Harbord Bakery.

He was amazing.

He warmed up with Bach's Cello Suite Number 1 in G Major.
And after that he played Albinoni's Adagio.

When he was finished he talked a little bit about the book and he offered to take a picture with me.

It was strange being in the bakery, thinking about people waiting in line for bread and some people dying while waiting.

After we left Mom and I had a little disagreement about the name of the song Joseph Johnson used to warm up so we went back to the bakery to find out.... we knew they would still be there because he was going to play it a second time. It turned out that Mom was right. I should have believed her because cello is her favourite instrument.

Here is a link with more information about "The Travelling Cellist"

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