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"Dressing for Downton" at Spadina Museum

Yesterday Mom took us to "Dressing for Downton" Tea at Spadina Museum. She won't let me watch the show but she loves it and she wanted to see the costumes up close. It was pretty cool!
We've been there once before. James Austin was one of the founders of Dominion Bank and Consumers Gas. They compared the lives of James Austin's real life family at Spadina with the lives of the people on Downton Abbey.

Here are some of the pictures that Mom took.
These are the ones that I really like.

I really liked the men's clothes.

Dad has a suit like this but he never wears it.

 Here is a picture of Bert Austin in 1913.

I liked the pocket watch.

These are artifacts from the City of Toronto's collection.

This one is a wedding dress from the 1920s!

We even looked in the wash room....  This is a gas burner! It must have been set up to heat water for shaving.

This is a sitz bath that would have been used to help them feel better.

I liked their shower.

I found out that they make the costumes for all of the City of Toronto Museums at Spadina Museum!

 They had a display which showed how nurses dressed.

 And they also showed the uniform used by "Lady Sybil" on Downtown Abbey.

But, in the library they had a real nurses uniform.

They also had a uniform of a World War 1 artillery officer.
James Percival Austin (Percy) fought in the Great War and he came back with Shell Shock.

Of course, they showed us a place setting.

And we had tea. :-)

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