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City Council - The SmartTrack Study Debate

This morning, Mom and I went to watch what was going on at the Toronto City Council. It was very entertaining.

Speaker Frances Nunziata had an 'oops' when she accidentally called Mayor Tory, 'Mayor Ford'. She corrected herself right away and then apologized. Mayor Tory was a good sport. He said, "Old habits die hard," and he moved on.

One of the main items on the agenda was Mayor Tory's SmartTrack Proposal.
Lots of councillors asked questions about the plan including the distance between the stops and where the SmartTrack plan would serve.

At one point today, Councillor Ford challenged Mayor Tory's plan. Ford compared the Smart Track Plan to streetcars and he asked if Tory let people know that they were going to dig up Eglinton Avenue from Scarlett Road to Martin Grove in Etobicoke? He also questioned spending money on the study.
Mayor Tory responded by saying that we need to do the study before we spend billions of dollars on the project. And Mayor Tory reminded Ford who won the election. He said, "The fact of the matter is, I won the election."

I think everybody reacted to that. Some people laughed, and some people clapped.
Mom took a picture of my reaction.

Councillor Mammoliti asked about how the SmartTrack would help people in the North West section of the city. He pointed out that it does not help some of the poor neighbourhoods.  He said if it did, he'd hug the Mayor. :-)

I didn't want to leave but we had to go because Mom had an appointment. If only I could watch it all day.

When I got home I found out that the City Council approved the $1.65 million dollar study of Mayor Tory's SmartTrack plan.

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