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TSO's The Orchestral Piano

Last night, Dad and I went to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Concert "The Orchestral Piano." I didn't know what to expect. I thought that we'd hear the orchestra and the piano together.

The musicians came out on stage and warmed up as usual but they all got up and left the stage. I wondered what was going on and then pianists Emanuel Ax and Stewart Goodyear took their places. They played Four Dances by Carl Maria von Weber. Then the orchestra came out and played  Hindesmith's Symphonic Metamorphosis and Themes of Carl Maria von Weber. They were very similar but Metamorphosis was composed years later for the orchestra.

We moved on to Brahms: Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn. He composed it on 2 pianos before he arranged it for orchestra. We got to hear both versions. Pianists Anagnoson and Kinton came out to play the piano version and then the orchestra came back out to play the orchestral version. It was the exact same piece and I liked both of them equally. I love piano and I love all of the instruments of the orchestra.

For Ravel's La Valse, we got to hear Emanuel Ax and Stewart Goodyear again. They played the piano version and the orchestra came out to play their version. The piano version of La Valse was crazy! I loved it! I really liked both versions but I loved the piano!

It was a very different concert! But, it was totally cool!

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