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Time for Three & the TSO: From Bach to Bluegrass

Today Mom and I went to see Time for Three perform with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. It was fantastic!

I had no idea what to expect. My violin teacher recommended that we go. She has never suggested any concerts to us before so we just had to make it. I'm so happy she told us about it.

We knew it was a Pops Concert and that Steven Reineke was going to conduct. He always does fun concerts.

The first thing we heard was Also Sprach Zarathrustra but with hilarious narration that we weren't expecting... It was the Overture to Time For Three. It was a good preview for what to expect for the rest of the concert. They mixed various styles in with the classical music.

We got right into the concert. I loved everything they did!
I wouldn't do it justice if I were to describe what they do. You have to hear it yourself.
Here are a couple videos on youtube:
This one is Czardas


I still can't believe they mixed Katy Perry's Firework and Igor Stravinsky's Firebird together!
I loved the mash up of Flower Duet from Lakmé and Le Vie En Rose.

Time for Three and the TSO had a lot of fun together. It was great seeing them just having fun with the music.

The TSO even did "Pops Hoe-Down for Orchestra" by Richard Hayman on their own and it was such a lively piece. It even had melodies from "Pop goes the weasel" and "Do your ears hang low?" It's been a long time since I've seen the percussionists using so many different instruments. They really made things clack, zing & pop!

Here is Time for Three performing Hungarian Dance 5 with the Heartland Festival Orchestra

And believe me, they are even better in person!

My favourite song was The Devil Went Down to Georgia.
They mixed Charlie Daniels Band's The Devil Went Down to Georgia with Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D Minor and Paganini's Caprice #24,  added in their own narration and completely made it their own.

Nick, Ranaan and Zach posed for a picture with me as well.

If you ever have the chance to see them perform you have to go!

Thanks Amanda for telling me about this concert.

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  1. Thanks for coming, Josh! We're so glad to hear you had fun with Time for Three.