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TSO's Carnival of the Animals

Last night I went to see TSO's Carnival of the Animals conducted by Peter Oundjian.

They played:
Mozart: Concerto for Two Pianos, K. 316a/365
Kevin Lau: Foothills of Heaven
Saint-Saens: The Carnival of the Animals

Pianists Jan Lisiecki and Emanuel Ax played Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos. It was wonderful!

My favourite part of the evening was Saint-Saens' The Carnival of the Animals. They played Aquarium, the Pianists, the Swan, the Elephant, the Coockoo and lots more. But of those, I really loved The Tortoises!

Peter Oundjian told a joke about a tortoise.
He said:
"I once was friends with a tortoise. 
I never knew him well. 
It was so hard for me
to get him out of his shell.

We had an argument. 
We were friends no more. 
He decided to leave, 
but it took him one month 
to get to the door." 

Emanuel Ax pretended to fall asleep while they were playing "The Tortoises," and Joseph Johnson 'woke" him up by tapping him with his bow.

There were so many jokes and they fooled around but they are so talented that they can do that and still sound great!

The Carnival of the Animals is such a fun work and it has so many different moods.
It was cool seeing it in person instead of just listening to a recording.

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