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Toronto City Council - Mental Health Care in Toronto?

I'm continuing to learn about Toronto City Council and today I am watching the meeting on TV.
They have discussed 2 main things:
1. Suicide Prevention Barriers aka Platform Edge Doors for the TTC Subway
& 2. Homelessness and Cold Weather.

Here are links to the items on the agenda:

When they were discussing the Platform Edge Doors they looked at how many 'Unauthorized persons at track level' it would prevent. Last year they had 34 suicide attempts with about 1/3 of that being fatal.  Each door would cost $13 million which would put the cost to about $1 billion to retrofit all of the subway stations. It would be very expensive to do this to prevent the small number of suicides BUT  one of the Councillors pointed out how much more efficient the subways would be. I think it was Joe Mihevic who said that. To have the Platform Edge Doors they would have to fully automate the trains and this means that they would be able to run the trains more efficiently through the stations. Automating the trains would happen around 2020. (This makes me wonder about what those TTC drivers will do when it's automated.) 

For the issue regarding Homelessness and Cold Weather they were looking at the spaces available. Rob Ford was against the use of motel rooms to temporarily house homeless people. But as Mammoliti pointed out they are not exactly luxurious. Councillor Cressy pointed out that homelessness is actually a Housing Issue. We don't have enough affordable housing. There are about 91,000 households on the waiting list for affordable housing and we aren't doing enough to provide it. There were only 358 new affordable housing units created last year. 

What I was wondering about is why don't they have someone - an expert - come in and talk about how we can improve Mental Health Care in Toronto. For both of the topics they discussed it would be useful if there were ways to help the people dealing with Mental Health issues. I am sure a lot of the people who are homeless are in need of proper Mental Health Care and obviously the people who are attempting suicide need help with their Mental Health too.

(Thank you Councillor Cressy for calling me back regarding the statistics about Homelessness and Affordable Housing.)

I can't believe Speaker Nunziata had to ask Councillor Ford to leave City Council because he made it seem like a City Staffer - the General Manager was trying to 'slip a free trip' to Italy when they were discussing 'Support for an Ontario Installation and Presence at Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy'. Councillor Ford should have apologized. 

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