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My Grade 6 Violin Exam

Yesterday, I had my Grade 6 violin exam. 
I think it went well.

Here are some videos from my last rehearsal with my accompanist, Christy, before the exam.

I messed up on the clap back in the ear tests and my chromatic scales weren't that good, but overall, I think everything was OK.

I have been keeping busy with RCM exams...
In December I did Grade 9 Harmony
In January, Grade 6 Speech Arts and Drama
In April, Grade 8 Piano
In May, Grade 9 History
This month, Grade 6 Violin
and in August, I will be doing Grade 7 Organ.

I have to convince my Mom to let me do these exams... She doesn't see the need to do exams in all of the subjects all of the time, but I enjoy them.

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