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Stephen Boda at the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church

Yesterday, Dad and I went to see Stephen Boda perform at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church.
He is the Principal Organist there and this performance featured the new Antiphonal Division that was just installed in December 2016.

The first time I went to the Church was in March for Pedals, Pipes and Pizza in March, so the Antiphonal Division was already installed. I didn't realize it was so new!

The stops in the division are:

  • 16' Contra Violon
  • 8' Open Diaspason
  • 8' Violin 8'
  • 8' Chimney Flute
  • 4' Octave
  • 4' Open Flute
  • 2 2/3' Twelfth 
  • 2' Fifteenth
  • IV Mixture
  • V Grand Cornet
  • 8' Trumpet

They added 1080 new pipes!
All of the new pipes are at the back of the church and are un-enclosed.

The program for the concert included:

Sinfonia from Cantata 29 by J.S. Bach (transcribed by Guillmant)

Outer Hebrides: A Fantasia on Three Celtic Melodies by Pau Haley

Fanfare by John Cook 

Night on Bald Mountain by M. Mussorgsky (transcribed by Szathmary)

Andante Sostenuto by C.M. Widor

Scherzo Symphonique by P. Cochereau

I really loved "Outer Hebrides" and I hope to get the music so I will be able to play it one day. I have a soft spot for Celtic Music. 

The "Fanfare" by John Cook highlighted the 8 foot Festival Trumpet stop beautifully. 

The Scherzo Symphonique was an improvisation by Pierre Cochereau and was transcribed from a recording at Notre Dame in Paris.  With the stops chosen, this piece blasts you from behind  and it is guaranteed to get everybody's attention. It was the perfect way to show what the new pipes are capable of!

Overall, it was a great selection of pieces to highlight the new division.

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