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Suburban Steam Steampunk Festival 2017

Today, Dad and I went to the Suburban Steam Steampunk Festival at Zion Schoolhouse.  It's a small, community festival which celebrates all things retro-futuristic and fantastical. 

This year we also learned about lots of Canadian Inventions and there was a cool TTC Lego exhibit.

There were exhibits both outside and inside the Schoolhouse that showed Canadian Inventions.

Here are some pictures from Toronto Transit Bricks

From left to right in this picture:
Peter Witt Streetcar, PCC Streetcar, Gloucester Subway Car, CLRV Streetcar and Flexity Outlook Streetcar

Inside, I got to check out Mackenzie House's Proof Printing Press... I just can't help myself, I just love printing. 

The souvenir I printed had a picture of a Harmonium... It is kind of like the one we have at home

Here is one last picture from today. It wouldn't have been the same without the buskers. 

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