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Strawberry Harvest

Our garden is doing really well.
Despite the unpredictable weather this season, most of our plants are still doing well. 

The Foxgloves that we planted last year are blooming. 

The potatoes seem to like where they are in the potato bags. It is my job to top up the bags up with dirt when the stems get long. The bags are now filled with dirt and the potatoes have started to flower, so we just have to wait for the plants to die back and then we can harvest.

Today's exciting news is that we had the first of our strawberry harvest. We have seascape, ever-bearing strawberries that we planted last year.  We have been watching them ripen and today was finally the day to start picking.

We got about 2 pints of strawberries today. They are so sweet and juicy, the juice runs right down your arm when you bite into them. Nothing beats ripe, home grown, organic strawberries!

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