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My Grade 4 Piano Exam

I had my Grade 4 piano exam today.

This morning, I woke up early and got ready to go to the RCM's Telus Centre. I love that building! They have the coolest, old instruments displayed there. The bistro is nice too.

Dad and I reached early for the exam and we waited together for a while. (Mom gets too nervous when I have exams so she didn't come.) I had to wait by myself outside the examination room for a bit too - that was boring.
I had 'butterflies' in my tummy.

The examiner was really nice. I don't know her name though. I did the scales first. I only remember doing A major even though I know I did more than that.

Then I played my studies. Study in Bb Major was OK but I had a problem with Avalanche. I thought I messed up on the last crescendo of Avalanche and I asked to start over. The examiner said I could from the second half. That was really nice of her and it helped me to relax a bit.

I think my repertoire songs were good. For List C, I did Schumann's Wild Horseman.

Of course my ear test was really good. Identifying the intervals is my favourite part of the exam. :-)

I'll let you know my exam results when I get them.

For now, it's time to just have some fun!
I'm going to play.....


  1. Sounds like it was OK... I used to have problems with that last part of Avalanche too, but it is the nicest part of the song... and you feel really good when you get it right :)
    Grandma says she's sure you did well and congratulations. She wants you to have LOTS OF FUN!!! Me Too!!! Love Annie.

    1. Thank you Annie Chris and Grandma!