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My Grade 4 RCM Exam Pieces

I did a quick recording of my Grade 4 RCM pieces tonight. I'm still not sure which one I'll do for List C, but I'm thinking it will be Wild Horseman.
My exam is on Friday. Wish me luck!

Here are the songs:

Study in Bb Major by Czerny

Avalanche by Heller

List A
Minuet in D Minor by Bach

List B
Sonata in F Major - Scherzo by Haydn

List C
Play it Again by Norton

The Wild Horseman by Schumann

I watched myself in the recordings and I saw that my left hand was too loud in Study in Bb Major.
I hit a wrong note in Avalanche and I need to emphasize the stresses a little more.

Minuet in D Minor was good.
For Scherzo my left hand was a little loud in the middle section.
I rushed a little bit in part of Play it Again.
I liked the Wild Horseman.

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