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Tuning pianos - A440 and A432

After the piano technician left today we looked at how pianos are tuned. The A above middle C in standard pianos are tuned to 440Hz. For ear training it's important to have a standard pitch and it's normal for pianos to be tuned to A440.

But, today I learnt that sometimes the A above middle C can be tuned to 432Hz.

Here's an example.
Bob Marley's One Love tuned to A440

Bob Marley's One Love tuned to A432.

What do you think of the difference?

The standard one sounds a little sharp to me after listening to the A432 version. Dad and I prefer the sound of the A432.
Mom prefers the standard A440 version but she's been listening to it like that all her life.

1 comment:

  1. Annie prefers A432 while Grandma prefers A440. :)