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City Cider at Spadina House 2016

Yesterday, Dad & I went to City Cider at Spadina House.
We both carried our cameras, so we took lots of pictures.  We started taking pictures to show what the scenery is like around the area.

To get to the museum by public transit we got out at Dupont Station and took a stroll.
You have to go up lots of stairs if you take this route, but it is a nice view.

Here you can see the pictures we took of Casa Loma which neighbours Spadina House.

From here, we have our pictures of Spadina House and City Cider.

City Cider was hosted by "Not Far From The Tree" and it was about all things apple. (The fruit, not the phone.)

We got to make cider by grinding apples...

And pressing the juice out of the apples.

I really liked pressing the apples but we didn't make enough to pasteurize at that time.
We did get samples that were made before.

We also learned about pollinators, bees and honey.

These are actual living bees in the tupperware.

Here is a more conventional hive.

And we got our souvenir from Mackenzie House. 

I was glad to see EMS were on standby and I hope they weren't busy.

After tasting lots of food and exploring outside, we went inside Spadina House.

And of course we did more tasting.

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