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Pictures from around Scarborough Centre

After City Cider, Dad and I decided to take pictures of around Scarborough Centre. It happens to be one of my favourite places in Toronto and it also happens to be the site of the proposed construction for the one stop Scarborough Subway. 

This area is at McCowan and Ellesmere.

There is a little plaza at this intersection. I love the stores there, and the people who work there.

At But'N'Ben Scottish Bakery you can find the best haggis in Ontario. They also make baps, potato scones, eclairs, empire cookies and all sorts of other baked goods. They are also a butcher and they have various cuts of meat and sausages.

If you do come to the area, you should get some Fish & Chips from St. Andrew Fish & Chip.... It is my favourite place for Fish & Chips!

On the other side of Ellesmere, we have the Frank Faubert Woods.

We took this picture from the median facing Brimley.

We call the Frank Faubert Woodlot the "Hand of God Park".
You can see the enclosure for the Off Leash Dog Park.

One day I will have to go back to find out the name of the artist who did the "Hand of God" sculpture.

From the Woods, you can see our library.

This is our Scarborough Civic Centre, where the Scarborough Councillors meet when they have things to discuss specific to Scarborough. They have other activities that go on here as well.
I get my flu shots every year. 

Here are pictures of our beautiful, brand new library. 


And the Rapid Transit at McCowan.

Dad and I took a nice, leisurely walk around Scarborough Centre.

And we explored the woods.

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