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Sarah Svendsen: French Symphonies Through A Looking Glass

Today, Mom and I went to The Kingsway All Saints Anglican Church for their Kingsway Organ Recital Series. I love that I can go to these concerts because we set our own schedule when we Homeschool!

Before the concert Sarah Svendsen talked a little bit about the pieces that she was going to play, illustrating her points with small excerpts. It was a small preview of just how talented she is.

She is an amazing organist!

When she spoke about the pieces you could see and hear just how much she loves the music.

She played selections from the French composer, Charles-Marie Widor's Sixth Symphony, Opus 42, No. 2 and the French Canadian composer, Rachel Laurin's First Organ Symphony.
She sandwiched the Laurin pieces between the Widor movements.

It was the first time that I was able to hear the full power of the organ at Kingsway!
It is a Casavant, 3 manual, 4 division organ and it can blow you away!
I love it!

After the concert, members of the audience got to meet Sarah.
She is so nice... She took a picture with me and offered to show me the organ!

 I am going to start organ lessons soon and it was so cool just being able to see this organ up close.

Here is a link to Sarah's website:

I can't wait to see and hear more of Sarah's playing!
Thank you for a wonderful concert!

And thank you to Glionna Mansell & Organix Concerts for putting on the Kingsway Organ Recital Series!

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  1. Dear Josh, thank you so much for the glowing review and for your interest in the organ! I am sure we will be hearing big things from you in due time! Good luck with the pedal scales! Best wishes, Sarah