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Dwight McBean in Toronto!

An amazing thing happened today.
Mom and I went to the Kingsway Organ Recital Series and we met a dear friend of my Grandma's!
Today was the first time that we went to an concert since Grandma passed away.
Mom told me about how she would go to organ concerts with Grandma, and now she is taking me.

Both Grandma JD and Mom would tell me about Dwight McBean. He is an organist in Jamaica and he also tunes organs. When he tuned the organ at St. Richard's Roman Catholic Church - where Grandma played, he would always play a few songs. Mom would always go so she could hear him play Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by J.S. Bach.

It was such a surprise running into Dwight. He still lives in Jamaica and he is here visiting Toronto.
I knew Grandma was with us when we saw him.

Here is a picture of me with Dwight. :-)

Here is a picture of Dwight with Sarah Svendsen - the organist who made this meeting possible. :-)
All three of us - me, Mom and Dwight went to see Sarah Svendsen perform today.

Sarah was so kind! She let Dwight play the organ at All Saints Kingsway, and he got to play Largo by G.F. Handel in memory of my Grandma.

Thank you so much Dwight, Sarah, and All Saints Kingsway!

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