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Château de Versailles

We went to the Château de Versailles.

There were lots of people there.

The line was LONG! 

We took a picture at the gate when we got inside. 

There is a chapel inside with an organ.

The organ was from before the French Revolution!

They put a lot of work into the ceilings in Versailles.

They also had lots of huge paintings.

And there were lots of gold details on the walls.

Even the doors were fancy!

This is a famous portrait of Louis XIV by Rigaud. It shows off his legs. He used to dance and he had strong legs.  
Louis XIV was the king of France for 72 years! 

This piece wasn't finished because Louis XIV didn't have enough money to put it in bronze.

The Hall of Mirrors was amazing!
They used the room for balls and as a way to get to the King's apartments.

It's HUGE!

Mom. Dad & I posed for a picture in the Hall of Mirrors.

This is the king's bed chamber. It's where Louis XVI slept before he lost his head in the French Revolution.

This is where Marie Antionette slept.

I don't remember which room this was in, but music must have been important to them.

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