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Metro, RER and Public Transit

The public transit system was good in Paris. There are 16 Metro (subway) lines, 3 tram lines, 5 RER (commuter train) lines and lots of bus routes. 

This is a tram we saw close to University of Paris.

This tram we saw when we were on the train to Versailles.

I think we were in Bir-Hakeim Station when this Metro train came in.

This one was close to Bir-Hakeim.

I don't know which bridge this was, but we were on the Seine Boat Tour when we saw these trains

When we were in the Louvre we got pictures of this articulated bus. It's just like the toy bus we bought.

We were on our way back from Saint Maur-de-Fosses when I was on this RER train.

We were in Charles de Gaulle Etoile Station when Mom took this picture for me.

We got on a different RER train.

It was pretty empty that Sunday.

We were on the way to Versailles when my Dad took this picture.

Here is a picture of another RER train.

This bus was in the city of Versailles. It had 3 doors!

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