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Some favourite pictures from Paris

These pictures we took from the plane when we were landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

I liked the way they shaped the trees at University of Paris.

There were little purple flowers in the grass.

We were in Saint Maur de Fosses when Dad took this picture. The tree and the light post look cool.

I liked the piano that we played on at the piano competition.

I liked this building and these trees in Paris.

This was a stained glass window in Le Cimetière du Père-Lachaise.

This water fountain was outside the cemetery.

I liked this place because Mom was able to get gluten-free pastries there.

Mom loved this Mango Lassi from the Bio-Coop. I thought it was funny the way Mom took a picture of it.

We saw this car on the road.... It's looks old.

They had a lot of glass recycling.

We took these pictures of Pont Alexandre III from the boat tour. 

I just liked the way that the Seine and the sky were all lit up by the sun as it was setting.

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