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The Competition Results

We went back to the competition yesterday afternoon.
We all listened to the more senior students playing.

And we waited for the results.
It was fun playing with the others but we tried to keep quiet since they were still competing inside.

And finally we went to the prize giving! It got started around 8:15pm
We all did really good!!!

Naomi and I got Mention Bien for Piano for 4 hands, Juniors Initial.

Rishi got Mention Très Bien for Juniors Debutant II.

& Kristal got 1er Prix Prix des Editions Combre for Juniors Virtuosite I and 1ère Médaille Prix des Editions Schott Music for Juniors Superior II.

We're all so happy!!!

We're all going to have fun for the rest of our trip.
Today Naomi, Krystal & Rishi are going to EuroDisney.

I want to go when I am tall enough for Space Mountain. I haven't decided what I want to do today yet. It's still a mystery. Maybe I'll get to go to a toy store.

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