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TSO's Sci-Fi Spectacular

Last night I went to the Sci-Fi concert by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. At the beginning, I got to take pictures with people in costume. There was Darth Vader with his Storm Troopers and Boba Fett with another Mandalorian. I think it was Jango Fett. I wanted to dress up too, but I only had my cape from Harry Potter. I think it made me look a little bit like Anakin Skywalker. 

The concert was really cool. Jack Everly was conducting and he had a light-up baton!
My favourite songs were Star Wars Main title and Cantina Band and Adventures On Earth from E.T.  Duel of the Fates was also cool! I pretty much liked every thing that they played from Star Wars. I hoped that they would play Imperial March, but maybe they'll do it next time.

Imagine if Jack Everly dressed up as Darth Vader!  How cool would that be?

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