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Bata Shoe Museum

May is Museum month!
Today we went to the Bata Shoe Museum to find out about shoes from the Victorian Era. I got to see a pair of shoes worn by Queen Victoria in 1840 - the same year she got married to Prince Albert.

There was a special exhibit on about Sneakers on at the museum.

I got to see very early sneakers from the 1800s. They used the word 'sneaker' because they were quiet and you could walk around without much noise. Back then, owning sneakers showed that you had money. It means you could participate in leisure activities like Cricket or maybe even Badminton. But, as the cities became more crowded, people were encouraged to get more active since it would help keep them healthy. They even started Physical Education classes for kids!

This first picture is of Brazilian rubber overshoes from the 1830s.

This is a pair of Dutton and Thorowgood running shoes from 1860-1865.

This pair is a pair of Goodyear sneakers from the 1890s.

And the last pair of sneakers (for this blog post) is a pair of Beacon Falls children's sneakers from about 1900.

If you have the chance to go to the Bata Shoe Museum, you really should try to go. It's a cool museum and the staff are friendly.

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