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Doors Open - Historic Fort York

We went to Fort York for Doors Open. 
It was really busy!

Here you can see a cannon and some spikes which were used to make it harder for any attackers to go over the wall. There would have been a wooden fence there as well, but the field was designed to block out cannon shots. 

This building was the Officers' Quarters and Mess.

Here is one of the Officer's rooms.

Here is one of the kitchens.

This is where the officers would eat their meals. It's a lot fancier than where the other soldiers would eat.

Here  is a close up of the serving area.

The alcohol was kept in a different room.

There was an archeological excavation under the old kitchen in the basement.

They had a vault where they would keep army and bank funds.

I got to taste chicken soup. They used a recipe from the Georgian era.

I liked the old pots and pans.

Here is another Officer's room.

They had a model of how Fort York looked after the war of 1812.

I was pretending to light the cannon.

I think it's funny that there's an old cannon so close to so many new buildings.


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    1. Yes. I liked it!
      I got lots of chicken and there were no vegetables in mine.