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Exploring Ballet Workshop

Last week there was an Exploring Ballet Workshop that Jennifer organized for some of us Toronto Homeschoolers. Lisa Robinson from the National Ballet of Canada's YOU dance program led the workshop. (I met her once before at a YOU Dance workshop.)

We stretched and we tried doing some of the different dance positions. We did things like first position, second position, pliés, and grand jetés. It was the first time for some, but there were a few of us who do ballet.

We talked about the music us how it made us feel and we talked about what choreographers do.
Lisa showed us a tutu and pointe shoes and we talked about costumes. We even got to see pictures of how the dancers put on make-up for a performance. The make up and the costumes help the dancers become the characters that they are playing.

We learnt a little piece of choreography from Sleeping Beauty and at the end of the workshop we danced together. It was really fun!

After the workshop I got to take a picture with Lisa.

Here is a link to more information about National Ballet of Canada's Exploring Ballet Workshops.

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