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Doors Open - Historic Zion Schoolhouse

We went to Zion Schoolhouse today. Normally, it's only open for group programs, so it was nice to be able to go inside.

The bell is original to the school.

The classroom was set up like it would have been on May 25, 1910.
At that time King Edward VII had just died and George V was the new king.
Wilfrid Laurier was the Prime Minister of Canada.

Younger kids would sit in the front of the classroom and as you get older you'd move towards the back. 

 The stove in the classroom was used for heating and sometime it would be used for water to wash hands.

There was an upright piano in the classroom.

The students would sing "God Save the King".

There was a picture of Queen Victoria up in the classroom because she was the Queen when the schoolhouse was built.

I got to try writing on a slate board. In the Edwardian days, they would have made me write with my right hand.

 Here is a map that shows the countries in the British Empire in the Edwardian era.

This little corner shows their library.

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