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Doors Open - The Roundhouse Park

The Roundhouse Park is right by Union Station. They have trains on display and they show historic railway equipment. They also have a miniature train. 

A tower, like Cabin D would control about a quarter mile of track. Cabin D was built around 1893.

These levers control the different railway signals. It's how they would have controlled them in the 1890s.

This is a more modern signal board - from about the 1950s. It would control about 200 miles of rail. One person could control all of them.

Even though I don't usually post pictures with other people's faces, this is the best picture I have of their miniature railroad steam engine. It really uses steam!

Inside the Roundhouse they had a railroad simulator. I got to try driving a train. I didn't crash into anything!

Inside the Roundhouse they also had a Lego display.
They had so much track!

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