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Halton Radial Railway Museum

Yesterday, we went to the Halton County Radial Railway Museum.
They have some streetcars in running condition.
Since I'm learning about the Victorian Era, I'm only going to talk about the streetcars from that time.

Originally they used horses to pull the streetcars, but in 1894 all of the streetcars in Toronto were switched over to electricity.

One of the streetcars that we got to ride on is a replica of an open-air streetcar from 1893.
In 1915, they banned the use of side running boards and so they stopped using this style of streetcar in Toronto.

On display they had a streetcar from 1901. This streetcar was used in London, Ontario.
It was probably built in the Montreal Park & Island Railway shops.

Here are pictures of the other streetcars that we got to ride on.
1915 London & Port Stanley
1923 Peter Witt Streetcar
1946 Rail Grinding Car

Here is a link to more information on "The History of Streetcars on Yonge Street" in Toronto:

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