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Victoria Day at Montgomery's Inn

Since we're learning all about the Victorian Era, we just HAD to do something special for Victoria Day! So, we went to Montgomery's Inn for their Victorian Tea followed by a tour of the Inn. 

We had tea, cookies in the shape of a crown and cake. 

Montgomery's Inn was run by Thomas Montgomery and his wife Margaret. They were both Irish immigrants. The Inn was built in 1830 and they added on over the years.

Margaret Montgomery was probably the one who would cook and do things like make soap and candles and deal with the lodgers. They had servants who would have helped.

In the bar room they would serve alcohol.
There was a cage around the bar.

The chairs would sometimes be broken from bar fights.

There would probably have been a little community notice board.

They would also have a more formal dining area for the travellers who were willing to pay extra.

This is a sitting area where the family could sew or read. The lamp used whale oil and doesn't cast a shadow so it was good for sewing.

This was the original sign that was outside of Montgomery's Inn.

This Grandfather clock was probably original to Montgomery's Inn. 

The Montgomery's children probably had the room next to the parent's bedroom.

Canopy beds were popular in the Victorian Era.

This room was one of the lodging rooms.

This was the assembly room. People would get together and have meetings in this room.
(By the way, Montgomery's Inn wasn't the one that was involved in the 1837 Toronto Rebellion... That was Montgomery's Tavern at Yonge & Eglinton. The government burned it down after the rebellion.)

This sign shows that Montgomery was an Orange Man. There are Three Fs on the triangle which stand for "Faith, Fellowship and Friendship". The Orange Lodge met there.

There is a "Speaker's Box" in the assembly room.
They still use this room as a Community Room today.

Here is what the lodgers' area might have looked like.

They also had more private rooms that would have been used by families who were traveling together.

Here is another picture of the fire.
They had really yummy cookies!

It was a great tour and I hope to go again soon!

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  1. Hey Josh,
    I found out what the lamp was called - It's a Sinumbra ("shadowless") lamp. :-)