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Doors Open - York Museum

This weekend is Doors Open in Toronto. We decided to go to a couple places today.
One of them was York Museum which is in Centennial Recreation Centre. It's only one room and it's usually open only by appointment.

It may be only one room but there are a lot of things in there. There were only a couple of things in there from the Victorian Era, but it was really cool to finally go in!

Here are the things that I found interesting:
This is what a telephone operator would use to connect calls.

Here is an old Singer sewing machine.

This was used to wring out clothes after you washed them.

This is a kerosene stove.

A box for skates.

An old shopping guide.
Look at the emergency telephone numbers.

A camera.

This shelf had a hot plate, meat grinder, bottle warmer and a toaster.

Pharmacists and doctors became more available to people as neighbourhoods developed.
Here's a sign from one of the pharmacists. On the shelf above it, you can see a pair of glasses from the Victorian era.

This soup taureen was from the Victorian era.

You could keep hot water or coffee in these containers.

Here's a dairy can. In the 1890s eight gallons of milk cost 60 to 85 cents!

These are paintings of Franklin Jackes and his wife. Franklin Jackes was the first Reeve of the Township of York in 1850, when the Township of York had its own local government.

This china doll with a leather body is from 1874.

This is a doll made out of corn husk.

I guess I need to figure out the difference between the "Township of York", the "Town of York" and the "County of York". It seems a little confusing to me. When I figure it out, I'll do another blog post about it.

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